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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The most vicious Torture for WEEKS! and Cold Blooded Murder of poor Innocent Ilan Halimi by Islamo-Fascists, ONLY because Ilan happened to be a Jew!

The Horror - The Reaction - The Scum - 50+ Muslim Barbarians!!! - The Inciter

* French authorities admit: RACISM played a "role" in barbarian act. Murder of Targeted French Jew:"They acted with indescribable cruelty," the judiciary police chief leading the investigation said. "They kept him naked and tied up for weeks. They cut him and in the end poured flammable liquid on him and set him alight." with the calls to his Jewish parents and the reading of Quranic verses over the sound of their son tortured in the background Halimi suspect Extradited Gang of Barbarians French suburban 'barbarians' (mainly Arab Muslims) target Jews Mark Steyn on the murder of Ilan Halimi May his memory be a democratic blessing Halimi died because he was Jewish Halimi's recent murder is only now being recognized in France as a racist hate crime. While the delay in such recognition needs to be addressed, the French are finally beginning to acknowledge that such offences are being perpetrated in France and must not be explained away or ignored - for the good of the country as a whole. French leaders pay tribute to Ilan Halimi at Paris synagogue Ottawa memorial service recalls murdered/tortured Jew


The under-reporting in media Why the blackout in American media? Washington Post Halimi Murder Coverage: Late and Lacking

The Reaction

Poor dad... France Rallies for Halimi For Ilan a Eulogy Stretching the Jihad France At Odds Over Suspected Religious Killer Torture slaying of Jewish Frenchman spurs massive march The Barbarians of Europe Anti-Semitism seen rising among France's Muslims France sees racist motive in brutal torture death Paris man 'Murderd because he was a Jew' French politicians condemn slaying of Jewish salesman as hate crime Murder of French Jew is a wake up call to the reality of Jihad French Officials Now Say Killing of Jew Was in Part a Hate Crime


The "peaceful" ISLAMOFASCIST Typical SCUM
(One of the 'over 20 MUSLIM gang members') Islamo-Fascistic-Satanic: Yousouf Fofana

France: Two More "Muslim Barbarians" Surrender

The worst thing is that the 30 (mostly) Muslim residents of that building from hell, where Halimi was brutally tortured for weeks, knew all along what was happening, no one said a word!!!

Thus at least 50+ (20+ at the Muslim barbaric gang plus 30 "normal" Muslim neighbours) Muslim barbarians recorded!


The Inciter "Comedian" The justice minister announced last The comedian Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala was recently fined €5 000 for inciting racial hatred


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