Arab Racism & Islamo-Fascism!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Arab Racism & Islamo-Fascism!!! -

We are being told that the vicious Arab Muslims that attack innocent Jews have "issues" in the middle east.

We are often being lied to that Arab Muslims' brutal violence against innocent Jews is because Israel dares to defend itself against terrorism, the Arab Muslims are "angry".

Well, let's just start by reminding us all that Hitler's buddy the Arab Muslim leader: Mufti started massacring Jews (1929 & 1941) before Israel was re-established.

Well, let's examine the current vicious attacks by Islamofacsists upon innocent Jews that have no connection to any "policy", but their being a Jew "bothers" the evil doers so much, often doesn't even matter these individuals' "politics".

These are just few examples of almost a routine, a tip of the iceberg, a handful out of the masses of innocent victims by Arab Muslims facsists global wide, such as physical despicable attacks hundreds of passers by in France, Belgium, England, etc.


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