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Friday, October 27, 2006



Arab Racism against Israel

The Origin Of Arab Persecution on Sudanese Blacks is ARAB RACISM! (#68045) by Clair C on September 12, ... Arab "palestinian" Racism and Hatred Education ...

Racism Masquerading As Arab-Islamic Nationalism By Charles Deng


Killing Jews in Israel

Arab racism consists of calling the country of Israel, Arab land, whereas no Palestinian province, village or town, including Jerusalem are mentioned either ...

Arab racism INSIDE Israel, Arab Israelis are crossing a line, (During the recent war, a line was crossed: Arab Israelis did not hesitate to openly express their support for the enemy and preferred their bonds with the enemy over their obligations to the state of which they are citizens. Furthermore, this was done under circumstances in which Hezbollah had no excuse to attack Israel. Shalom Dichter, also co-executive director of Sikkuy, chose a more moderate way to describe this shift: He considers the Arab Israeli stance as part of a "role that they took upon themselves in order to increase the Arab world's awareness of the destruction in Lebanon." But soft words will not alter the reality: The clash between Arab citizens' loyalty to the state and their affinity with the Arab nation - and not just the Palestinian people - is steadily worsening. At its root lies their refusal to recognize Israel)...

Arab (countries') Racism, Hate & Anti Semitism

Arab Regimes Not Israel Guilty Of Racism.html

Arab "palestinian" Racism and Hatred Education

Muslims' Old Massacres on Jews

The Arab Racism (Racism by Arabs) even when being in the minority

Not just in their own countries where all non Arabs, non Muslims are second class - dhimmis
(, Myths & Facts -The Treatment of Jews in Arab/Islamic Countries,
but of course in Africa (Mainly in Sudan and in Mauritania) where they have the power to enslave, maim & commit their genocide on the poor Africans:
(Racism at root of Sudan's Darfur crisis racism in Sudan, against black Africans, Arab Racism And Imperialism In Sudan (Africa) Yet Africans continue to allow the Arab extermination of Blacks in Sudan and Mauritania, Arab racism and apartheid/racism in Zanzibar and parts of East ... Racism, Mauritania style Cotton paints a dismal picture of slavery and racism in Mauritania and Sudan. ... Their black slaves had for generations been speaking Arabic or Hassaniya ...)

But even in western countries such Australia & Scandinavian countries, the racist rape spree to explicitly target 'white Christian girls' by Arabs - including the 'Allah Akbar' shouting by the Arab rapists gang in Australia of 2002 - is shocking.
(Western Muslims' Racist Rape Spree
Worse if course their bloody racist attacks on innocent Jews in Europe, especially in France Anti-Semitism seen rising among France's Muslims - The Boston Globe As attacks rise in France, Jews flock to Israel Atlas Shrugs: Ilan Halimi: Islamic Jew Hatred in France Black October: The unreported attacks against the Jews of France ... poor Innocent Ilan Halimi by Islamo-Fascists, ONLY because Ilan happened to be a Jew! ... /
Surprise? even in the US: The Arabs Still Openly Call Jews 'Their Dogs,' Even in S.F. Saturday, September 30, 2006 A man brazenly shoots his way into the Jewish Federation of Seattle, kills a woman, and wounds four others, three critically. As he opens fire, the alleged assailant shouts: "I am a Muslim and I'm angry at Israel," as if to indicate that his religious affiliation gives him permission to kill Jews.

But even against the non Arab majority.'This land is ours' they shouted at the rampage 'Intifadah' of 2005 (which the mainstream media called "immigrants" or "youth") in Europe.
By the same token, it is no secret that almsot sll of Arab Muslim "Palestinian" terrorists' attacks - on unarmed Israeli civilians - wouldn't be able to be carried out were it not for racist Israeli Arabs stabbing other fellow Israelis in the back and aiding in the racist genocide against Israeli Jews.
(Israeli Arabs have been involved in aiding and abetting, and
perpetrating, severe terror attacks against Israel. Terrorist organizations seek
to exploit them... Israeli-Arab In North: I Wanted To Kill As Many Jews As Possible The Attack that killed 9 --The two (Israeli Arab) women got off the bus after the Palestinian assailant told one of them ... Thousands get a steady diet of anti-Israeli images on Arab television. ... & Only Solution to Arab-Israel Problem - Monitor all Mosques and
arrest all clerics involved in incitement ... to any Israeli arab involved
in aiding terror activites against the state of Israel.
Israel-October 2005: Israeli authorities indicted Israeli Arab Muhammad
Khalaf ... Separately, authorities arrested alleged Hamas terrorist Haytham
http://Counterterrorism_WatchibrArrests__Convictions_Other_Terror_Organizations/apps/nl/newsletter3.asp Arab-Israeli suspected of aiding suicide bomber. Police, Shin Bet
operatives arrest Kfar Kassem resident suspected of having aided suicide
who blew ...,7340,L-3310531,00.html Israeli Court Charges Sisters With Aiding Terror
Groups Arab sector, including MKs, and of the existence of another Israeli Arab
cell charged with aiding the Palestinian terror networks, are testimony to...).
Yes it is not just Arab "individuals", it's their establishment, officials like the head of the Islamic movement Sheikh Raed Salah in Israel, is so racist INSIDE Israel, denying Israel's right to exist, he clamis it's all "Muslim land"..
( Ra'id Salah, head of the (radical) Islamic movement in Israel, which denies the Jewish state's right to exist, Caliph will sit in Jerusalem - News from Israel, Ynetnews
Ynet News: Islamic Movement leader Sheikh Raed Salah tells rally of 50000 in Umm al-Fahm: Jerusalem will be the capital of the new Muslim caliphate sooner ...,7340,L-3304384,00.html


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